I can't understand why Pakistani Muslims are such extremists. A girl in a restaurant in Lahore was almost killed yesterday by a mob because her clothes had Arabic words printed on them. The mob thought anything written in Arabic has to be a verse from the Koran. Fortunately, some shopkeepers and a lady police officer rescued the girl. They explained to the charged mob that such clothes were commonly used in Arab countries and the words were not from the holy book.

I was reminded of how, many years ago, we were cheated by an Indian in Dubai, who sent us a whole container of Arabic newspapers instead of English ones. When we tried to sell the stuff in the market, no one bought it, even though we pointed out pictures of girls in swim suits in the papers. Eventually, we had to burn the lot. In those days a man had been arrested by the cops for selling such newspapers and was released only after bribing them with a hefty amount.

How long will it take before our people become educated in the real sense? I'm sure there were some graduates in the mob but Pakistani degrees don't mean anything. I know many persons who've never read a book after graduating.