The current genocide of Palestinians has made many Pakistanis emotional and has resulted in boycotting MacDonalds and KFC along with cosmetics manufactured by firms that contribute part of their earnings to Israel. Actually, there is some misunderstanding amongst Pakistanis about so-called Jewish owned companies. In 1995, I was in London with my uncle Ahmed Parekh (now deceased), when he suggested that we eat in MacDonalds, as (according to him), it was Jewish owned and its food would be halal. I looked at the menu and saw bacon as one of the items on it. The waiter confirmed that it was available and was made from pork. He was shocked. I told him that even if Jews owned the company, they had to think of profits, as they are not as emotional as Pakistani Muslims.

Regarding the boycott, some people have suggested that local industries should step in and take advantage. It won't work. Knowing Pakistanis, they would most likely manufacture inferior quality products, and if MacDonalds and KFC are replaced, hundreds of employees would be jobless and the government would lose millions in tax evasion.