Another year has gone and I can't help thinking that every day I live brings me nearer to death. I can't get over this feeling. I used to try to cheer up my father whenever he said that he didn't have long to live. Now, many times a day, I think of those whom I knew but who are now in the world beyond.

I wasn't able to do much in 2023. I still don't know why I get affected by viruses every winter and why phlegm builds up in my body. I'm told to wear warm underclothes but I found that cold viruses don't enter through the skin but through the mouth, nose or eyes. There were days on which I walked more than ten thousand steps but for the past two days I've not walked at all due to fever. It happens every year even though I stuff myself with vitamins and anti-allergic pills.

As for Pakistan, it is sinking by the day. Only yesterday some  extremists in our problem province (KP) burned down a girls' school and left after warning everyone present that they'll kill anyone who even talks of making another girls' school in the area. Sometimes I think the original Pakistan Resolution was much better, as it spoke of not one state but many. 

The establishment is doing to Imran Khan what they did five years back to Nawaz Sharif. In a way it is poetic justice but the damage being done to the country is great. I can understand why they don't want Imran to contest the elections, but why not allow his cronies? 

2024 is likely to be much worse.