As the days go by and death gets nearer, I often think that I wasted the six years I spent in college struggling to get a useless degree. All around me I see men who've never been to school, yet they've managed to amass billions without much effort.

There's a vegetable seller in Clifton who until a few years back had a hand cart from which he sold his wares. Now he's the owner of four expensive shops (each worth more than Rs. 40 million) from which he earns rent, and he's never paid a single rupee in income tax. 

The other day, the Capital Development Authority in Islamabad auctioned 150 square feet plots for vegetable and fruit shops for Rs. 50 million each. Obviously this will have to be "white" or legally earned money. If vegetable and fruit sellers earn this kind of money, Pakistan has a bright future. 

I have filthy rich relatives who became billionaires in Pakistan but still think there's no future for them here and want to migrate to the US or other western countries. I can't understand this logic.