The recent attack by Hamas has the support of almost all Muslims in the world. The only ones who disapprove of it are of course the Middle East royal families who rule with an iron hand. But I can't help but admire those who invaded Israel and wreaked havoc. 

Of course, if the Palestinians had not been Muslims, there would have been no problem with the West supporting them. Unfortunately, like the Kashmiris, they happen to be Muslims, which is why they will always be oppressed. The difference between the Palestinians and the Kashmiris is clear: the latter are not willing to die for freedom.

Strangely enough, Netanyahu has the gall to ask the residents of Gaza to move out of their land. Where can they go? Into the sea? Netanyahu himself has come from Europe, so he cannot claim to be a native of Palestine. If anyone has to move out of Israel/Palestine, it is people like Netanyahu, who should go back to Europe or wherever they came from.

There is another irony in the whole scenario. Arab countries were depending on Israel to protect them against Iran, but Israel has been shown to be vulnerable to those who are weak. It's like David and Goliath. The Palestinians have no resources, yet they managed to manufacture rockets and struck Israel with full force. Israel's Iron Dome shield proved to be useless. Saudi Arabia and the UAE should now seriously think whether recognizing Israel is worth it. Why not develop relations with Iran instead?