I've always been against trials of civilians by military courts. Back in the 1950's, a distant relative was tried and convicted by a military court after he refused to pay a huge bribe to an army officer. It has always been a fact that no one is ever acquitted by a military court, since one is assumed to be guilty beforehand. In Urdu it is said, "No appeal, no vakeel, no daleel" for military tribunals. 

The Supreme court decided the other day that trials of civilians by military courts are illegal, even though it had allowed this before. One can't help wondering if this has been done to save Imran Khan from a long prison term. At least those civilians who rioted and attacked army installations on May 9 this year should be tried. Of course, they reportedly had the support of certain pro-Imran military officers, who should be tried also.

What about those who were convicted during Imran Khan's reign? Will they be released? Another question: what about terrorists like the TTP? Should they be tried in civilian courts as well? The public has a dim view of civilian courts due to intense corruption. 

I doubt if the armed forces and the public will welcome this judgement. Perhaps Imran Khan's followers will be tried in so-called "special courts".