In June 1984, Indian Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi called General Zia ul Haq and told him about a cyclone headed towards Karachi. Those living near the sea shore immediately headed inland and the roads were jam packed. 

In recent years cyclonic storms have threatened Karachi but every time they've either dissipated or moved north towards Oman. Superstitious residents of Karachi say that the saint (Abdullah Shah Ghazi) buried in Clifton has always protected Karachi from such calamities. I remember the Speaker of Sindh Assembly (Agha Siraj Durrani) saying this many years ago. 

For the past two days, the people of Karachi have been told of a cyclone that is slowly approaching the city. This time too the superstitious ones are convinced that the saint will protect the city from extensive damage. Those on the other side say that this saint was not able to protect his own grave twice (this is his third one, after the previous two collapsed in heavy rains), so how can he protect a city of millions?

The cyclone is predicted to hit lower Sindh and Indian Gujarat (where I was born) the day after tomorrow. Even if it doesn't strike Karachi directly, it will cause heavy rains and dust storms. Let's hope the people are safe and there are no casualties.