Trevor Noah once called Imran Khan Pakistan's Donald Trump. I think it's more appropriate to call Donald Trump America's Imran Khan. Both men are narcissists, both display a supreme contempt for the law and both think nothing of violating the Constitutions of their countries. Donald Trump told his followers to create mayhem when he lost the last election, Imran Khan trained his private army to attack army installations if he was arrested.

There is very little danger of Imran Khan bouncing back and regaining power. With Trump, it could be different. He's become more popular after being indicted and arrested, and it's doubtful if he'll ever be convicted. The female judge trying the case against Trump was appointed by him and she has practically no experience in trying such cases. In all fairness, she should have refused to preside over this case (of Trump refusing to hand over crucial files that he had taken away from the White House). And if even one of the twelve jurors thinks Trump is innocent, he cannot be convicted. Trump has said he will run again for president next year. If he's found innocent, he could become the president again.