Practically all politicians in the country have been arrested at one time or other, it's the one thing that makes them very popular, yet Imran Khan has been defying the police and the army for the past twenty four hours. Many policemen have been injured, the senior officer DIG Shehzad Bukhari is in hospital, yet Imran Khan is asking his cronies to arrange for more men to help him defy the cops.

Someone should tell him that it's sedition and treason for asking people to attack the law enforcement personnel. Pir Pagara was hanged by the British for this very offence about eighty years ago. The police have been very careful, none of Imran Khan's workers has been killed so far despite stone-pelting and throwing petrol bombs and damaging many police vehicles. 

The main reason of course is that once he's put in jail, Imran will not get the narcotics he's accustomed to using. He won't be able to survive long without the stuff. But could there be another reason?

Perhaps he's never been circumcised and when the cops strip him naked it will be out in the open. Until a few years back, many Muslims were still not circumcised, particularly those living in the rural areas. Perhaps Imran Khan's father wasn't able to find someone in those days to circumcise his son. Or maybe he thought it wasn't necessary. But it will be great fun if it happens to be true. Imran Khan will be exposed as a hypocrite who used the Islam card every time he was in trouble. Yesterday, after many days without mentioning Islam, he appealed to his voters to fight for Islam by protesting against the government if it arrested him. So far, no one has come out in his support, which should make him and his cronies realize how popular they really are.