Not so fast

Friday, Feb 17, 2023

This refers to the letter ‘On the run’ by Shaista Anwar Kirmani (February 16, 2023). There are many questions to be answered before deciding to hold elections, the first being why two provincial assemblies were dissolved at the insistence of the PTI chief even though both provinces were ruled by his party and his allies. Secondly, even if the elections to the two assemblies are held within 90 days, they will automatically be dissolved when general elections are held in October.

The writer is evidently not aware of the huge cost involved in holding elections. Can the country afford to spend so much in these times of financial crisis? Again, the PTI chief is on record as saying that he will not accept any election results if his party does not get a clear majority. He has hurled accusations against, among others, the chief election commissioner for being partial to his opponents. Furthermore, there are cases of corruption against him that have to be settled before the public can decide whether or not he is suitable for office.

Shakir Lakhani