Despite all the evidence of looting and corruption, Imran Khan continues to display contempt against the courts. He has refused to attend a single hearing in the cases against him, citing the injuries to his leg in the botched assassination attempt against him (which may have been arranged by his own men to stop his long march as it didn't have much support of the public).

All his cronies who were arrested were released within four days by the courts (compared to months of incarceration without trial of many of his opponents). It seems the courts still favor Im the Dim. Why they do so is not clear. Perhaps they think he's still very popular. Fawad Choudhry (Imran's Information Minister), who used to say that spending six months in jail without trial is not a big thing, couldn't bear four days in police custody.

Imran Khan's so-called popularity is confined to the posh areas of the country. Recently his party lost the local bodies elections in Karachi by a colossal margin. His supporters are based in areas like Clifton and DHA in Karachi (and they are mostly youngsters). In the apartment complex where I live, most women pray regularly for the prosperity of Imran Khan. He's not as popular among the men as he used to be, perhaps because of the blatant corruption. 

Imran Khan has proved he's mentally unstable many times, most recently by deciding to contest national elections from thirty three seats. The Election Commission should ask him to deposit 600 million before allowing him to contest, as each bye-election costs 20 million and the country can't afford to waste all that money just to satisfy one man's ego.