In a way, I'm glad that Imran Khan still hasn't been arrested (for reasons best known to the judiciary). Every time he appears on TV, he has something new to say about his ouster. One of these days he's going to shock everyone by saying that he alone is to blame for being overthrown. 

It started with the Americans. Waving a piece of paper he said it was about a US diplomat saying that he (Imran Khan) should be ousted in a vote of no-confidence. He maintained this stance for many days, knowing that the average Pakistani hates Americans and would vote for him. 

Then he blamed Mohsin Naqvi (about whom no one knew anything until he was appointed caretaker chief minister of Punjab). But even his die-hard supporters didn't buy into it, so now he's started blaming the retired army chief (Gen. Bajwa). Which is surprising, since when he was prime minister he used to praise the general no end. Now he says that it wasn't the Americans or Naqvi, but General Bajwa who got him removed. Mind you, this is because the general himself has said that Imran got elected with his help (which was against the Constitution). But what Imran Khan actually blames General Bajwa is for acting according to law (not helping him survive the vote of no-confidence). He is not ashamed to say that the General should again have violated the Constitution by forcing dissenting parliamentarians to support Imran Khan (as he did in 2018). 

The latest from Imran Khan is shocking. He says it was Bajwa who was running the government and he (Imran Khan) was merely a spectator. Contrast this with what his crony Asad Umar said about Imran alone being responsible for all decisions. More shocking is Imran's assertion that Bajwa wanted Imran to condemn Russia for invading Ukraine. This simply can't be true. If Bajwa really wanted to do it, he could have done it himself. Imran Khan is getting crazier by the day.