Rumors are circulating about more videos of Imran Khan indulging in objectionable acts. There is one in which he is alleged to be having sex with a young boy, another in which he's doing the same thing with a eunuch (transgender person, in modern language). But perhaps the most damaging could be the one in which he allegedly uses derogatory language against some revered figures of Islam. Religious leaders in various mosques across the country have spoken about the audio in which Imran Khan is talking to a young woman about sex. If they find the one about him abusing the revered leaders of Islam, Imran Khan will find it difficult to live in the country. He will have to flee Pakistan if he wants to survive. 

When the interior minister Rana Sanaullah said that there is a video of Imran Khan doing what was common in the days of the prophet Loot (Lot in the Bible), I thought Imran Khan's  cronies and  followers should be called Lootias. But of course they are hardly likely to know about what used to happen in those days.

Aisha Gulalai is a brave woman. She was probably the first to condemn Imran Khan for inappropriate text messages. Today she's back, and one of the things she said is very significant. According to her, Imran Khan hires professional female dancers to perform at his rallies, so that more men would be attracted to attend the rallies. In the process, the decent women who are there also dance on the stage with the whores (not knowing who they are). Ultimately, it's our society that suffers. I had always known this, of course. Unfortunately, those who believe that Imran Khan is the promised messiah think he can do no wrong. Let's hope that the videos and audios being leaked will make them change their minds.