I can understand Imran Khan's desperate attempts to regain power at all costs, but he's doing so in such a way that our enemies (Indians) are greatly pleased. Consider, for instance, his constant refrain that the country is on the verge of default: foreign investors are reluctant to invest in the country, while the lending institutions are also hesitant to loan the dollars required to keep the country afloat. 

Then there is his continuous tirade against retired army chief Gen. Bajwa (who rigged the 2018 elections so Imran Khan could be made the prime minister). Instead of being grateful, Imran Khan says something new every other day against his benefactor. Despite the fact that the general did everything he could to save Imran's government from being toppled, he is being blamed for not doing enough to save Imran. 

The latest blast from Imran is very dangerous. He says General Bajwa arranged the botched attack on him so he (the general) could impose emergency and take over the country (if Imran had been killed).

I believe that Imran has lost his marbles. He's getting crazier by the day. The so-called attempt on his life was made by one person (a drug addict) who fired seven bullets in the air. One bullet pierced the metal casing protecting Imran and disintegrated into several pieces, one of which hit Imran in the leg. Three other pieces were from the shattered metal shield. Yet Imran keeps claiming that he was hit by four bullets. He even says there were three shooters instead of one. Investigators say all the buildings nearby had policemen on the roofs, so where could the two other shooters have hidden? It's evident that his guard fired at the shooter but killed a party worker instead. Not only Imran but his cronies also believe this bull shit. It's time for Imran to be arrested and locked up for a few months, that's the only way Pakistan can get out of the mess he created.