By now, almost everyone in Pakistan is convinced that Imran Khan is a nincompoop who is trying his best to damage the country by his disruptive tactics. He has consistently lied to the people about why his government failed to govern effectively and almost brought the country to the brink of default. His arrogance caused all friendly countries to stop supporting Pakistan. He tried to get a friend of his appointed as army chief (so that he could again be made prime minister through massive rigging of elections).

Yesterday he went much further. He praised the new army chief to the skies, despite the fact that he got him transferred when the latter told him about his wife's corruption (together with the then Chief Minister of Punjab and a lady friend). He can't fool anyone by suddenly pandering to the man he tried tooth and nail to oppose getting the slot of army chief. He apparently thinks that the army will again help him win the next elections by massive rigging (as it did in 2018).

As for his own corruption (the illegal procurement of expensive watches and other gift items from the government treasury at very low rates and selling them at high prices), he should be disqualified for life. He has committed contempt of the judiciary a number of times, he has misused funds meant for charity to win elections, you name it, there's nothing he hasn't done. The corruption of the Sharifs and Zardari is nothing compared to what he's done.

But of course overseas Pakistanis are so enamoured of him that even if he comes on TV and admits to all his crimes, they will still support him.