Imran Khan is continuing his tirade against former army chief Gen. Bajwa, and has even claimed that the latter is corrupt. Strangely enough, despite the general being corrupt, Imran Khan says he will take no action against him if he ever forms a government again. 

By now it should be evident to everyone that Imran Khan is a compulsive liar who cannot be trusted. Yet Parvez Elahi says he was shocked when Imran Khan again derided General Bajwa despite his earnest request to refrain. So why is Parvez Elahi shocked? Didn't he know that Imran Khan is a very unreliable person?

Imran Khan himself used to praise the former army chief when he was in power. He said the general helped him every time he wanted, as when getting funds from Arab countries. Yet he now says Bajwa is terribly corrupt because he did not get opposition leaders convicted. It seems the moron has forgotten that it's the job of the courts to convict people.

I'm so glad that Imran's allies are slowly parting ways with him. Imran thinks that by dissolving the assemblies of two provinces, the federal government will be compelled to hold early elections. If Parvez Elahi does go ahead and asks the governor to dissolve Punjab assembly, he and Imran Khan will both lose the support of their members in provincial as well as national assemblies. I hope the courts refuse to believe Imran when he says that he can't venture out of his house because he still can't walk properly (actually it's Imran's wife who has ordered him to stay indoors). He knows that if he does present himself in court, he will be convicted and sent to jail.