I have a strong suspicion that the Establishment (particularly the judiciary) is still staunchly supporting Imran Khan. I say this because despite his supreme flouting of the law and constant contempt of institutions (together with corruption), he has not yet been sentenced to a jail term.

The courts had a different approach to contempt and other matters when the present government ministers were in the opposition. The apex court had no hesitation in convicting those accused of contempt if they belonged to the opposition. Even those who apologized for contempt were sentenced. But Asad Umar yesterday apologized for contempt of court and he was let off. So was Imran Khan, despite his being a weak and veiled apology. When it comes to Imran's cronies, they are remanded to police custody for only two days, whereas others were remanded for months.The court did not take suo moto action when politicians and media people were locked up for months. But it hesitates to send Imran Khan to jail for even a day. Why?

The Chief Election Commissioner has been subjected to the vilest abuse by Imran and his ministers. Yet they refuse to reply to his show-cause notices. Even the apex court is ignoring all this. The FIA has repeatedly asked Imran Khan to appear in two corruption cases, but he has refused even to acknowledge their notices. 

So, despite what most people believe, it is increasingly evident that Imran Khan will be allowed to contest the next elections and may even be helped to win (as happened in 2018).