We've always known that the establishment (army) has always been involved in politics. It's an open secret that General Bajwa helped in getting Imran Khan the prime minister's slot. But when Imran Khan's government was toppled in April this year through a no-confidence motion, we thought Bajwa had nothing to do with it, as he repeatedly claimed that the army was now apolitical.

It turns out that we were wrong. The Choudhry father and son duo (Parvez Elahi and his son Moonis) now say that Bajwa told them to support Imran Khan and that is why there is a PTI led government in the largest province of the country. It was known that the Chief Justice had deliberately awarded Punjab to Imran Khan, as giving it to the Sharifs would have made them very powerful. So now it looks like the Establishment pressurized the judiciary to support Imran at the time.

Even today, I strongly suspect that the Establishment wants Imran Khan back in power. This is evident from the fact that despite several contempt cases against Imran Khan (besides of course the massive corruption his party committed), he has not yet been disqualified. If he continues to remain free and further damages the country, the Establishment will have only itself to blame.