The attack on Imran Khan is shrouded in mystery. Initially it was said that he got two bullets in his leg. Then his doctor said it wasn't bullets, it was fragments or pieces that were lodged in his legs (even though it appeared that only one leg was affected). Finally, the moron appeared on TV and said he had four bullets in his body.

It is widely suspected that the attack was arranged by Imran himself. He needed an excuse to call off the long march to Islamabad, when he saw that he didn't have many supporters. The so-called attack gave him the excuse to do so.

Then there's the question of why he was shifted to his own cancer hospital, which is at a distance of more than a hundred kilometers from the attack site. The law says that he should have been taken to the nearest district hospital. Perhaps he did it so his doctor would give false statements to the public. Also, his blood tests would remain hidden from the public, as releasing them would probably confirm the widely held view that he is a narcotics addict.

The way his crony Fawad Choudhry started shouting at people to avenge the attack immediately after it happened also indicates that the whole thing was pre-planned. I suspect that according to the original plan, Imran Khan would not have been injured, only a few shots would be fired in the air and the march would be halted. 

Again, Imran Khan immediately blaming the prime minister, the interior minister and a serving army general for the attack proves that he's an idiot. I'm appalled that a liar and security risk like him was "selected" to be the chief executive of the country.