Every three years an army chief retires (unless he gets an extension), and another general is appointed for the next three years. It's an ordinary thing, and the public is not much interested in it. But this year, Imran Khan made it controversial.

He wanted an army chief who would rig the next election and help him become prime minister again. And for that, he did not want General Asim Munir to be the next chief. So he tried every tactic to subvert the appointment, asking his supporters to join him in a long march to the capital and keeping the public under tension. He said there is only one general he's opposed to (the one who got the job). The reason, of course, is that Asim Munir exposed the corruption of his wife, her friend Farah, Buzdar and all his associates. For this, Imran Khan got him removed as ISI chief (as he had earlier removed others who had pointed out corruption in his party).

A day before the appointment, he claimed that he would "play" with the Constitution along with his puppet (the president, who could have delayed the appointment for 25 days). Just to save face, the president (Arif Alvi) flew to Lahore to "discuss" the matter with Imran. I'm sure it must have been tough for him to convince Imran Khan to agree to the appointment of his nemesis. 

So Imran and his associates now claim that Asim Munir has been appointed army chief only because Imran Khan didn't oppose him. It seems they think all Pakistanis are fools and will believe him.

By now, even Imran Khan's die-hard supporters must be convinced that he is mentally deficient and not fit to become prime minister again.