Arshad Sharif became prominent after he criticised the army for not supporting that nincompoop Imran Khan when the latter was removed democratically about six months back. He was sacked by ARY, the TV channel which is notorious for spreading fake news and has lost many defamation suits in the UK for false allegations. The GEO chief executive sued the ARY for false allegations and won. The shameless owner of ARY wound up its company in UK and started another one. Naturally, the late Arshad Sharif thought he could get away with anything and was stupid enough to offend the Establishment. He had to leave the country for Dubai, where (according to conspiracy theorists) he was told to either go back to Pakistan or go to another country. He chose to go to Kenya.

Yesterday he was shot dead by Kenyan police when his driver did not stop at a roadblock and tried to flee. Naturally, the cops shot at the car, killing Arshad Sharif immediately. No ambiguity about that. But when Imran Khan's loyalists heard the news, they immediately blamed the Pakistan Establishment for the killing. One old geezer, a neighbour of mine, without even bothering to read the news item, concluded that he had been killed in Pakistan and lamented that the country is in the hands of crooks (standard mantra of Imran's followers). That wasn't enough, Imranians now say that the Kenyan police were paid by Pakistan to kill him. The Islamabad High Court chief justice, who is due to rule on Imran's disqualification in the next few days, directed the government to investigate the killing. 

And so it will go on for a few days until Imranians forget who Arshad Sharif was.