As expected, Imran Khan didn't offer an unconditional apology for threatening a lady judge who refused to comply with his demand in the case against his crony Shahbaz Gill. Apparently the Great Khan thinks apologizing to a woman is beneath his dignity (he is, after all, descended from those who came to Pakistan from Afghanistan where men consider their wives slaves who should do what they're told). Then of course, there is that awkward matter of an apology being acceptance of guilt. In any case, it's apparent that the judges who are going to decide his case are dreadfully scared of him, they have hinted as much and have given him another fortnight to apologize (this is the type of case which could have been decided on the very first day, a week ago). Even if he doesn't do so, they might be very reluctant to deal severely with him. 

By now it should be clear to every sane person that the Dear Leader is incompetent to rule the country. Having been caught red handed stealing a very expensive watch from the state coffers and also receiving funds from prohibited sources to run his campaign (not to talk of diverting charitable donations for his own personal use), it should be easy for the Establishment to have him disqualified for life. Yet there is this fear that the man will tell his goons to wreak havoc in Islamabad and Lahore (I doubt if his followers in Karachi would risk their lives to save him).

The judges should ignore his threats, convict him to a jail term and tell the Establishment to deal with the unrest that might follow. There is no other way than this, if rule of law is to established by the state.