Imran Khan's party (PTI) is doing a remarkably good job to damage Pakistan, and what it's two ministers have done to jeopardize IMF's latest deal with Pakistan proves that we don't need an enemy like India to break Pakistan up again.

Even though PTI had signed the IMF agreement, it reneged on it when it became apparent that its government was doomed. The present government has been struggling to convince the IMF to resume the program, and so far it appeared to be succeeding, but Imran Khan ordered two of his ministers to write to the IMF about their reluctance to implement the agreement in Punjab and KP.

It was Fawad Choudhri who first hinted that this would be done (in Shahzeb Khanzada's program). Then the KP finance minister wrote to the federal government that his province will not implement the program (he is reported to have sent a copy of this letter to IMF). Fawad Choudhri said that his party would oppose the program unless elections were held immediately, ignoring the fact that the country has been affected by the worst floods in its history and Pakistan needs IMF money badly. Do those suffering from Imranitis need more proof that their leader is doing what India desperately wants to do? 

I've stopped sending Whattsapp videos about Imran Khan's inefficiency and perfidy to those who think he's some kind of messiah. It has no effect on them. I hope the Establishment now does something concrete and will not prevent the courts from sending Imran Khan to jail for at least ten years. This is the only way to save Pakistan.