I believe Imran Khan stopped growing up after the age of 20 or so. The man simply can't stop talking and can't keep secrets. His recent utterances prove that he's an imbecile.

Take, for instance, his statement that the ISI told him that Nawaz and others were corrupt. This happened even before he became the prime minister. Naturally, assuming that it's true, whoever told him this must be angry, because, as expected, Imran is now being asked to name the official who told him this. And knowing Imran, no one will be surprised if Imran does so (like he said Justice Khosa told him to file a case against Nawaz Sharif in his court).

Next, he said he was never the boss and everything was done by the Establishment in his four year stint as the chief executive of the country. The question arises, what was he doing all the time? Just making speeches? In an old video clip he said that he wouldn't like to be a prime minister who couldn't take independent decisions. So, when he realized that he was powerless, why didn't he simply resign? The answer is obvious. He wanted power at all costs, and right now by appealing to the Establishment to stop being neutral, he's asking them to restore him as prime minister (or help him in future elections, as they did in 2018).

By saying all this, he's simply telling us what everyone knows: that he would never have won the 2018 elections if the Establishment hadn't rigged the elections. He is such a liar that no one will ever trust him again. 

Of course, those who think he's some kind of prophet will go on worshiping him, as they have been brainwashed into believing that he cannot be corrupt. They are in for a surprise.