It's enough to turn an atheist into a firm believer. Finally, Imran Khan is convinced that nothing can save him now. His close confidant, the foul-mouthed Shabaz Gill was arrested for inciting soldiers to rebel against their superior officers and I'm convinced he will soon reveal the sordid details of Imran Khan's illegal activities.

True to type, Imran Khan still believes there's a conspiracy against him and his party. He's forgetting all that he's said against the army chief, as well as his party's social media campaign against the armed forces after the helicopter crash in which two generals were killed. In fact, both he and his puppet (the country's president) did not attend the funerals of the two officers, fearing they would be lynched by the angry people at the funeral. 

The news channel ARY has been taken off air by the authorities. I remember how its owner Salman Iqbal chortled when Geo was shut off for months and its owner jailed for eight months without trial. I hope they put this repulsive character in jail for life, along with Imran Khan and his cronies.

I was reading about cult leaders the other day. The writer did not mention Imran Khan, but named Mussolini, Hitler, Berlusconi and Jim Jones, the American who persuaded more than 900 people to commit suicide by drinking poison. Among the many bad qualities of a cult leader is his arrogance, lack of empathy for others, incapability to love anyone, and narcissism. The cult leader fervently believes that he's been chosen by God to change the world around him. He is also a pathological liar, like Imran Khan.

I sincerely hope Imran Khan is arrested and shown on TV wearing handcuffs. He should know what it is like to spend a few months in a Pakistani jail.