There are many things which will always remain mysteries. I read today that Saudi Arabia (the world's largest oil producer) has already been buying oil from Russia and has announced that it will double the quantity of Russian oil it is importing. All this is happening when Biden is in the country trying to persuade the Saudis to increase their oil production. The reason given by the Saudis is that they use the Russian oil to produce electricity for their own use. As there is no democracy in Saudi Arabia, no Saudi can ask why they can't increase production of refined oil to use in their power plants.

Another thing that will always remain a mystery is why Turkey's currency is so unstable. The country is full of tourists throughout the year, their exports are quite high, yet they have so much inflation. Even in 1993, when I visited the country, the dollar would be worth less in the evening than it was in the morning. Even then, hotels and streets were filled with Europeans, and I wondered if there were any Turks living in Istanbul.

But the biggest mystery of all is why very rich people raise a ruckus when they're asked to pay more taxes. For the first time in living memory, the government imposed a super tax on them. They reacted as if the country will collapse. I understand that the wealthy people in the US are also like that. The more they earn, the more they want.