Just like Imran Khan did in his last two months of misgoverning Pakistan (when he saw that his government was getting more unpopular), Shehbaz Sharif is also doing the same thing. The Sri Lankan leaders did the same thing and the country went bankrupt. 

The reason for doing so is the reduction in crude prices. Imran Khan of course said yesterday that fuel prices should be lowered by a hundred rupees a liter, as crude prices are now at the same level as they were in his last month in power. He conveniently doesn't mention that the rupee has depreciated by more than Rs. 23 against the dollar. The reduction in crude prices is almost offset by the depreciation of the rupee. I doubt if the IMF is going to like this proposed reduction in fuel prices. The government has also promised free electricity (up to 200 units) for the people of Punjab.

Imran Khan has done another U-turn: just last year he praised the rulers of Sri Lanka for reducing prices of essential items by learning from the Chinese how to reduce the gap between prices at farms and those at retail outlets. He said he would do the same thing here. Today, he's saying that Sri Lanka was ruined because its rulers were highly corrupt. 

During his speech yesterday some people fainted and a woman was taken away in a critical condition. The shameless slob didn't stop talking even though he saw the woman being carried away. A similar thing happened during his 124-day dharna in 2014: seven people died of heat stroke while he was talking, yet he didn't stop talking. And this is the man who was educated in Oxford, where he learned that Germany and Japan are neighbors!