About three months ago, when Imran Khan was toppled and removed from power, an illiterate Memon told me that the ouster was planned by the Establishment to let Khan hibernate for a few months before restoring him as the prime minister. This way, explained the illiterate Memon, those opposing Imran Khan would form the government and take steps to increase taxes, which would make them very unpopular with the masses, and they would be defeated in the next general elections. There are others who also subscribe to this theory, going so far as to say that Im the Dim was told to repeatedly criticize the army chief Bajwa for not saving him.

Another conspiracy theory appears to be more credible. After the so-called surprise win by Imran Khan's party in the bye-elections, in which he actually lost five seats previously held by him, the theory is that he will force the government to call early elections. But there is a sword hanging over his head, the Foreign Funding case in which he and some of his party members will be permanently disqualified from contesting future elections. In the meantime, Khan is slowly giving the the judiciary and the establishment enough rope to hang himself. Not a day goes by that he doesn't ask the Chief Election Commissioner to resign, knowing that the man is a die-hard professional (who, incidentally, was appointed after Imran's consent). Even though there is enough evidence to prove that the bye-elections were completely free and fair, Im the Dim wants the CEC to resign, as he's got wind of the fact that the Foreign Funding case will ultimately get him banned from politics.