Why spare the rich?


THIS is with reference to the editorial “Af ter the budget” (June 12). It is evident that the government does not want to offend its supporters, but has imposed tough measures upon the salaried class.

Take, for instance, the retailers who will be charged income tax ranging from Rs3,000 to Rs10,000 per month. There are shopkeepers who earn up to a million rupees a month in the posh areas of major cities across the land. Why can’t they pay income tax on their actual incomes like the salaried class? Why can’t the government take tough measures to stop smuggling and energy theft? Then there are those who don’t have to pay income tax on agriculture income even though they earn millions every month.

Such sacred cows, in fact, are responsible for the runaway inflation in the country.
They are the ones who are responsible for high property values.
Just look at the flights going to Dubai, Istanbul and other tourist destinations.

The people going there are those who are exempted from taxes or those who skillfully avoid paying income tax. Will this injustice ever end or are the poor and middle-class people condemned to bear the greater part of the tax burden forever?

Shakir Lakhani


June 18, 2022