There have been many theories why Imran Khan was removed through a no-confidence motion in April this year. While he may rant and rave that the Americans, the Indians and the Israelis banded together and spent a hell of a lot of money to have him ousted, the real reason has now surfaced. 

It seems that Imran Khan wanted to continue ruling or mis-ruling the country for another ten to fifteen years. For this he wanted to call elections in April. Knowing that he could never win unless the elections were massively rigged by the establishment (as in 2018), and also knowing that the current army chief would not help him this time, he embarked upon a daring plan. His plan was to replace the current army chief (Bajwa) with the general of his choice (Faiz). He was convinced that General Faiz Hameed would get the elections rigged so that he could win with a two-thirds majority. He would then have amended the Constitution to get himself appointed president for life. This would have meant changing the present parliamentary system to a presidential one (which has been tried before but failed).

The new system would have given Imran Khan unfettered power to deal with his political opponents (whom he would have sent to prison for long terms). It would have meant undoing the 18th Amendment, and the entire Constitution would have been changed forever. Pakistan would then have become another Saudi Arabia, without democracy and being ruled by this autocrat (who many people believe is a megalomaniac or psychopath).

When the other politicians got to know of this plan, they got together and got Imran removed through the no-confidence motion (a perfectly democratic process, even though Imran doesn't think so).