It's the kind of thing done routinely in Pakistan. Millions of dollars of black money is siphoned away to foreign bank accounts by tax evaders. Only in this case, the people involved are the sacred cows, like Mr. Clean (Imran Khan), who vowed to send all corrupt people in the country to jail when he was in opposition. This time, however, he himself is liable to be charged and convicted, if the courts decide to proceed. Unfortunately, they still think he's the cleanest man around, despite all the recent scandals involving him (like the Saudi prince's watch and the 5-carat diamond ring for his wife).

Imran asked his crony Shehzad Akbar (who has fled to London) to find out the whereabouts of the alleged looted money by his opponents, particularly Shehbaz Sharif. Instead of any evidence linking Shehbaz to corruption, the UK police found 190 million pounds (50 billion rupees) of the people's money siphoned away by the untouchable Malik Riaz, the most powerful man in the country. The money rightly belonged to the people of Pakistan, but Imran Khan gave it back to Malik Riaz. For this noble gesture, Malik Riaz gifted a huge piece of land (worth at least five billion) to Imran Khan and his wife. 

I know that those who think Imran Khan is a prophet or saint will not believe this. But of course those who are close to the ex-prime minister will wonder why they didn't get any benefit in the past four years, while their boss was reaping a rich harvest. More importantly, the establishment (including those comprising the armed forces) will also now be convinced that the so-called Mr. Clean is actually the dirtiest man around. Let's hope this will deter them from rigging future elections to help this fraudster win, as they did in 2018.