It was widely suspected that the establishment (including the army) were supporting Imran Khan (who would never have become the prime minister without their help). Now the ex-ISI chief Zaheerul Islam has admitted that he was one of those who played a leading role in the 2014 sit-in of Imran Khan (who was demanding the resignation of Nawaz Sharif's resignation at the time. Zaheerul Islam reportedly sent a message to Nawaz Sharif to resign or be overthrown by force. The message was conveyed to Nawaz by Malik Riaz, the property tycoon who is in the headlines these days for gifting land worth Rs. 4 billion to Imran Khan.

Of course this news will have no effect on those who consider Imran Khan a kind of saint. I was talking to such a one the other day. He's on a visit to Pakistan and like all those Pakistanis who live outside the country, he thinks only Imran Khan can save the country from ruin (never mind that for four years, Imran Khan almost wrecked the country). After realizing that he was too brainwashed to change his mine, I asked him, "Do you read newspapers?" I wasn't surprised when he replied in the negative. I told him that I couldn't argue or talk to a man who doesn't read newspapers or who has never read a book after graduation. And I've noticed that almost everyone of Imran Khan's followers don't read. A sad state of affairs for the country, for which we don't know whom to blame.