Yesterday, March 25 (2022) was another black day in Pakistan's history: the Supreme Court, did not take any action against Imran Khan for openly defying the court's orders not to hold his rally in D-Chowk. This will always remain a mystery: why are the judges so scared of this demagogue? It seems he can get away with almost anything. He got his supporters to attack the Parliament and the Pakistan TV headquarters in 2014, yet he was acquitted. The Foreign funding case against him has been dragging along for more than eight years, yet the apex court dare not ask the Election Commission to announce its judgement. 

Another growing sign of the Establishment's tilt towards Imran Khan is the difference in the way Geo TV and ARY TV were treated. Geo was shut down for months, while ARY was back on air a day after it was blacked out. ARY is the only news channel (out of more than a dozen) that support Imran Khan totally. While Geo and the others report facts (including those favorable to Imran Khan), ARY never shows his ugly side. From the number of overseas Pakistani watchers on Youtube, it is evident that Imran Khan enjoys the support of a vast majority of the Pakistani educated diaspora. But it would be a mistake to think that all overseas Pakistanis would vote for him. The workers in the Gulf States would overwhelmingly vote for the other parties.

I hope that the defacto rulers of Pakistan realize that by surrendering to Imran Khan's demands they are paving the way for Pakistan's disintegration: no civilian government can function effectively in future if a few hundred rioters in D-Chowk are able to destabilize it.