I simply can't understand why some otherwise normal people revere Imran Khan. The man has been proved a liar many times, and even now, every time he opens his mouth he reveals his utter incompetence. He openly calls the Chief Election Commissioner an agent of the opposition party PML-N, despite having selected the man himself a year ago, saying that he was an honest officer. Now, knowing that the Foreign Funding case against Imran Khan is about to be announced, the latter wants the CEC removed as he knows he will be disqualified for corruption.

When he was removed from power, he said the US had bribed some of his supporters to defect to the opposition, paying each of them Rs. 200 million. He expects people to believe all this baloney. The Americans could have paid anyone a million to bump him off. 

Now his allies say that Imran Khan was removed because he had differences with the establishment. So the conspiracy theory stands disproved. The US didn't get him removed after all. Shaikh Rasheed, who until recently went to bed after repeating umpteen times "Khan will complete 5 years, is now talking about mending fences with the establishment. So they want the army to openly support Imran Khan as they did in 2018? I wish they would make up their minds.

In a recent interview with Shaan (a third rate actor), Imran Khan said he will call for another election if he loses the next one (which is sure to happen). He will accept election results only if he wins, just as he accepts court verdicts only when they are in his favor. So, unless Imran Khan is persuaded to quit politics, Pakistan will not be able to progress.