Imran Khan succeeded in making Pakistanis hate the nation's army. In the video above, an Indian major says that Imran Khan is India's best friend, for making his followers raise slogans against the Pakistan Army. This is frightening. Whatever good Imran Khan does in future (highly doubtful), this is enough to condemn him. The courts should take suo moto action and charge him with treason.

There is a limit to everything. Pakistan's Donald Trump and wannabe Hitler is so hungry for power that he will do anything, even if it damages the country. Bhutto was just like him, he got what he deserved. I wish Imran Khan lives long enough to regret what he has done.

I was talking to a Memon of my age yesterday. He is an ardent supporter of Imran Khan, considering him very honest. So I asked him, "You made your millions in the days of Nawaz Sharif and Zardari, while during Imran's reign of forty four months, you didn't make anything. And yet you support that moron?" No answer. 

They say that Imran Khan wants to be like Hitler. No wonder. Hitler killed 6 million Jews. Who will Imran kill? The million Memons who live in Pakistan?