I believe it was Nehru who said something about corruption being the grease that runs India's factories. I doubt if there is any society free of corruption anywhere in the world. In Pakistan and other developing countries, of course, nothing is possible without bribing the right persons.

Just see what's happening in the country today. Our so-called Mr. Clean (Imran Khan) has been out of power for about two weeks, yet he is doing everything he can to prevent the new government from functioning. Hamza Shabaz should have been administered the oath of office (he was elected chief minister of Punjab two weeks back), yet the Imran-appointed governor refuses to administer the oath (this governor was appointed because the previous one refused to do dissolve the Punjab Assembly as it was illegal). Even though the High Court ordered President Alvi to get someone else to administer the oath, he refused. Now he's been warned. If he persists in not carrying out the court's orders, he can be held in contempt, and may have to resign. All this is being done because they're enamored of Imran Khan. Psychologists and psychiatrists should study how a man who is a megalomaniac is able to attract so many people to worship him. 

Then there are the judges who are so scared of Imran Khan that they have recused themselves from giving Maryam Nawaz her passport. Perhaps Imran knows something about them that could ruin their careers if the public got the information. 

The shameless Imran Khan continues to act as if he's the embodiment of virtue. His wife's best friend Farah Khan increased her declared wealth from Rs. 200 million to more than Rs.900 million in the forty four months of Imran's reign (mind you, her actual wealth could be much higher). When it became clear that Imran would soon be ousted, she was escorted by government agents to a private plane that took her to Dubai. That's the kind of corruption Imran Khan encouraged and practiced. The judge who declared him "Sadiq and Ameen" should be tried and convicted.