Sometimes it seems that Imran Khan stopped growing after the age of sixteen. The way he's made a fool of himself these past three years should make his supporters wonder why they didn't see he is a nincompoop. Those who rigged the elections to make him prime minister must also be thinking along the same lines. Even though it's clear that he has lost the support of some of his party legislators, the man simply refuses to quit. Instead, he plans to paralyze the country by gathering a million men in the capital.

His ally Choudhri Parvez Elahi stunned the country by saying that not only Imran's allies, some of his party men are also going to vote against him in the no-confidence motion. There were other things Parvez Elahi said, like the establishment really running the country, and Imran being their puppet, as a result of which Imran hasn't really learnt anything about governance. What he should have said is that Imran Khan is incapable of learning anything at all. One wonders how he was able to succeed in cricket. 

So now the country is headed for some perilous times, unless the establishment persuades the nincompoop to go home. But Imran Khan knows that once he resigns, his corruption will be exposed and he will have to leave the country. He's even said it's better for those of his party men who are against him to drown along with him. So it's not the country he's thinking of, he is worried about his own future and how to remain prime minister as long as possible. Just like Trump a year ago, and Bhutto in the 1970s, both of whom didn't care what happened to their countries as long as they remained in power.