Usually those who love Imran Khan say that he's not to blame, his advisors are the ones who are responsible for the mess. I sometimes think this may be true, but if Imran Khan can't see that some decisions are bad, he should never have been the prime minister. By asking his followers to gather a million people in Islamabad to prove that he's still popular, he proved that he's a mental case. And yesterday, when his supporters attacked Sindh House in Islamabad to coerce dissident PTI law makers to return to the party fold, everyone knew that he was responsible, not his advisors. If anyone had been killed, Imran Khan would have been responsible and charged with murder. 

It's simply amazing, the number of mistakes being committed by his party to prevent Imran Khan from being removed from power. On the one hand the foreign minister is pleading with the defectors to return and guaranteeing that no action will be taken against them, Imran Khan himself says they've been bought for about two hundred million rupees each. In that case, why does he want them back in the party, if he's a man of principle? Again, the party secretary has issued show cause notices to thirteen defectors, effectively proving that Imran Khan now only has 163 supporters in parliament, and therefore cannot continue as prime minister. Yet the man remains stubborn, perhaps under the delusion that he's very popular among the people. Bhutto thought the same thing, and lost his life. His followers must have been amazed that not many mourned his death.

There are rumors that the real rulers of the country have intervened and told both sides not to hold rallies prior to the no-confidence vote. One wonders how Imran Khan thought he'd get away with it. If he has a million man rally, the opposition can surely match it. He's so stupid that he doesn't realize he's taking the country down a dangerous path, a civil war. But then, Bhutto too didn't give a damn about what would happen to the country if he wasn't made the prime minister. Pakistan broke up because of Bhutto's intransigence. A few of Imran Khan's own party members and allies have asked him to resign. Let's hope he realizes that he's the problem, and goes home, before the country can be damaged further.