Of course, it may not have been his last speech, the vote of no-confidence has not yet taken place, but almost all political analysts are convinced Imran Khan will be gone in a week. So his last speech would be the one he makes when announcing his resignation. True to form, he tried to give the impression that there's a huge foreign conspiracy to remove him from power. He even compared his position to that of Bhutto, who till the very end was convinced the U.S. wanted him dead. 

Strange that Imran Khan should have spoken about Bhutto, considering that the latter was hanged. It could well happen again, if it's found that he has got someone killed. But hanging would be too good for him. I hope he lives long enough to realize that he's done immense harm to the country.

He had told the nation that he would reveal his trump card at a mammoth rally (which would be the largest in the country's history). Far from collecting a million people, his party managed to bring only forty thousand to the gathering. Imran Khan had said it would be so large that it would prove the public still loved him. Bad luck for him, Maryam Nawaz and Fazlur Rehman's rallies actually had at least four or five times more people than those who attended Imran Khan's rally. So, for ninety five minutes, the nincompoop Imran Khan bored the public with the same old rigmarole (corruption and loot by the previous rulers and how he would send them to jail). The only new thing he said was that the western powers had warned him that they would get him removed. He actually waved a piece of paper that was supposed to be the letter sent to him by the foreigners. He didn't read it out, nor did he say who had written it. He made the usual mistake of thinking that the public would believe him.

The irony was that four of his ministers walked out of the rally much before his boring speech had ended. Of all people, Murad Saeed walked out, along with Fawad Choudhry, Ali Amin Gandapur and Khusro Bakhtiar. I wish someone would tell Imran that even his own favorite ministers can't tolerate him any longer. And another irony: during his speech, news came that another of his allies (Shahzain Bugti) had joined the opposition and would vote against him.

So, if the speaker follows the law and accepts the resolution for no-confidence, Imran should resign in seven days. I hope he does, and says good-bye to politics.