Again, Imran Khan has proved he's just like Bhutto. In 1977, as it became apparent to Bhutto that his government would not be able to survive the popular backlash against him, he started claiming that the West was behind the move to dislodge him. Even today, Bhutto's followers say that it was the US that got him removed and executed. Imran Khan has begun to say something similar. Yesterday in Mailsi (where 99 out of a 100 people have never heard of US or EU) he lashed out viciously at both for trying to force him to condemn Russia for its invasion of Ukraine. Forgetting that India is in a much stronger position than Pakistan, he asked the EU why they had not made a similar demand on India, and why they had not condemned it for killing civilians in Kashmir. Someone should tell him that not a single Muslim country supports Pakistan on the Kashmir issue, so why should the EU do so?

It's evident that Imran Khan now knows he doesn't stand a chance of being re-elected. In fact, once he's out of power, those who selected him will provide enough evidence to prove that he's more corrupt than Nawaz and Zardari. Once that happens, he will have to leave the country and live in exile. If he doesn't, he'll have to spend a few years in jail.

But of course those who support him will say that he was removed due to his stand against the US.