Everyone is awaiting Pakistan's chief moron's speech later today. Already his followers are making tall claims about what he'll say. Shah Mahmood Qureishi says he will make a "big" announcement. I wonder what it will be. Maybe Imran will blame Nawaz Sharif's corruption for the war between Russia and Ukraine. You never know. The man is such a duffer that anything is possible. 

Will he reveal what happened to the expensive watch that was gifted to him by a prince? I doubt it. He's already quarreled with his wife over the issue. 

I didn't know Parvez Khattak was a comedian. Maybe he thinks he can become Pakistan's most powerful man by making jokes, just as Zelenski the comedian became Ukraine's president. Parvez Khattak says Imran will announce big reductions in the prices of oil and electricity, even though it's expected that both oil and electricity prices will be jacked up again (because that's what the IMF wants). 

One thing is certain: the certified idiot will not resign, because he's made plans to go to Lahore tomorrow to persuade the Chaudhris not to desert him. If the Chaudhris get what the want (Takht-e-Lahore), the opposition will have to wait until the next general elections before Imran can be sent home. But knowing that Imran Khan is not trustworthy (think of the many U-turns he's made), I doubt if the Choudhris will accept anything less than the chief ministership of Punjab. And that will mean a big loss of face for our Great Khan. If he doesn't cave in (remember that it's Her Holiness who asked him to appoint the incumbent chief minister of Punjab, another moron), he may have to dissolve the assemblies and go for elections immediately. I sincerely hope he does that. It will mean certain defeat for him.