I have never taken a day off from work except on one or two occasions. Even if I had fever I never abstained. But for the past six days I have been confined at home (except for an hour yesterday, when I went to the lab for the Rapid Antigen Covid test, which fortunately was negative). This virus affects me a couple of times every year in winter and if I consume citrus fruits I'm immediately affected. But this year it's been vicious, with my wife, son and daughter-in-law also sick. 

I wish I'd been as corrupt as Pakistani politicians and had accumulated enough money to research and find out why I am so vulnerable to this virus (my father struggled fighting it for more than half his life). I can only assume that it's the low humidity and high pollution coupled with allergy to certain foods that is responsible.

For the past five years I must have spent a fortune on anti-histamines and other medicines. According to my family members, the medications have significantly reduced my coughing which used to disturb them in the past. But that still doesn't explain why I have been laid low this year.

Last night I finally got some sleep and am feeling much better today. I hope to return to work tomorrow.