As if Pakistan didn't have enough problems already, a Pakistan-origin British Muslims held up Jews in a Texas synagogue for many hours before being shot dead. The man (Malik Faisal Akram) was born and raised in UK, which proves that terrorists are not produced in madressahs only. He had everything going for him. His family were living in Manchester and after the incident his brother said he was mentally disturbed. 

The mentally disturbed person was very lucid when he asked to talk to his sister, Dr. Afia Siddiqui, who is in jail after being sentenced to 86 years. She is a heroine to most Pakistanis, in spite of the fact that she got a divorce from her husband to marry a Taliban extremist. At her trial she insisted that none of the jurors should be Jewish, which was enough to antagonize any jury. Again, she too was highly educated, with a degree from MIT.

I've always wondered why Pakistani Muslims get so emotional when they see anyone talking against their religion. The demonstrations against the insulting cartoons resulted in loss of lives and property in Pakistan, not in France. But the demonstrators thought they were doing a great service to their religion. 

I wonder if our religious scholars will ever stop saying that seventy two virgins will be given as reward to martyrs. Maybe this could be the main reason why Pakistani Muslim men are ready to put their lives at risk whenever they see anything offensive to their beliefs.