In every democratic country, it's a rule that ruling party members are not allowed to grant benefits to voters a few days before elections. So, the Election Commission of Pakistan warned Imran Khan not to to visit his native province and announce or give monetary benefits to the voters, as the local bodies elections are only a week away. Yet so much contempt Imran has for the law, that he ignored the warning and announced schemes and gave benefits to the residents of the province.

It now remains to be seen whether the Election Commission has the guts to proceed against the selected prime minister, who walks like he's one of those goondas in Indian and Pakistani movies. And it's easy to see why he displays such flagrant contempt for institutions. He was brought up to believe that he and his relatives are not accountable to anyone. He probably thought, after being selected as the prime minister, that the courts and the establishment would always support him and he would have carte blanche to do whatever he wanted. Until now, he's had everything going for him, with the judiciary always ruling in his favor, and NAB staying away from dealing with corruption in his party. But now, with the disqualification of Faisal Vawda expected any day, it should be interesting if he too is held in contempt and proceeded against. He could even be disqualified from future elections. Let's wait and see.