There have been many black days in the country's history, the most notable being the day it was dismembered fifty years back. Then again, on the same date seven years ago, about 150 children and teachers were killed in cold blood by the TTP (with whom the coward Imran Khan is negotiating a surrender). 

Yesterday (November 17, 2021) was another black day for Pakistan. The government and its allies got thirty three bills passed in the joint session of parliament amid protests by the opposition. Just a day before, twenty five lawmakers of the ruling party had said they would oppose the bills, but apparently they were forced to relent, proving that the establishment is still firmly in Imran Khan's camp. But it will be a kind of Pyrrhic victory of sorts. The moron Imran may have scored a victory yesterday but people will never forgive him for making their lives miserable. His allies too know this and they are getting nervous by the day, as they can see the writing on the wall.

By passing the bill to allow the use of Electronic Voting Machines in the next general elections two years hence, Imran obviously thinks he will get the machines rigged so he can rule over the country for another five years. But I doubt if the machines can be manufactured, and even if they are, the Election Commission will see they are not manipulated to favor the rulers. In fact, it could be the other way around. By the time general elections are due, Imran Khan will have been shunted out and either exiled or imprisoned. The machines will then be rigged by the opposition parties to get elected. As Zardari said, "Imran has sown the seeds but others will get to eat the fruit.

Back in the days when Imran Khan was on top of the container trying to topple the previous government, he had accused Nawaz Sharif of being Modi's friend, as the latter had appeared to be against trying and executing Kalbushan Yadav. Now Imran has done the very thing he had accused Nawaz of, passing a bill which will help the Indian spy a great deal and might even get him released. The public doesn't have a short memory, they will remember this when they vote the next time.