Two male relatives of mine (both died many years ago) were affected by the moon, especially the full moon. One was a very bad case, he used to disappear around the time of the full moon, sometimes for months and then come back and it was noted that he used to return when the moon was neither full nor new. Mostly he would act strangely around the time when the moon was full. Once I got an urgent call from his son and got there to see the man trying to jump out of the window, with his wife and older son trying to pull him back. As I joined them and succeeded in pinning him to the ground, he yelled that he was a prophet and wanted to kill himself to save his followers from hell. A doctor was called, he was given an injection and he slept peacefully for twenty four hours. A day before the next full moon, the doctor would again put him to sleep for twenty four hours and this was repeated for a few years. 

The other relative wasn't so badly affected. At the time of the new moon he would lose his temper with everyone around him, and when the moon was full, he would lock himself up and wouldn't come out of it for a whole day and night. Perhaps he felt that the full moon would make him do something drastic or even kill someone. 

I write all this because it is now being said that Imran Khan is also affected by the lunar cycle. Some people have claimed that he is considerably affected at the time of the new or full moon, and never takes any decisions until a couple of days before or after the new or full moon. Someone should do some research on this to find out if it's true.