The other day, a PTI minister (Azam Swati) accused the Election Commission of rigging past elections and taking bribes to do so. So he confirmed what we already knew: that the 2018 elections were heavily rigged to make Imran Khan the prime minister. Another minister (Fawad Choudhry) claimed that the Election Commission is biased in favor of the major opposition party (the PML-N). This is strange, because so far the ECP has always sided with PTI, as in the case of Faisal Vawda.

Lest anyone forget, Vawda won the seat in the 2018 elections gainst Shahbaz Sharif by a very narrow margin (700 seats), yet the ECP didn't allow a recount. When Vawda vacated this seat, his party (PTI) got very few votes, getting even less than three other parties. This election was won by the PPP, even though my distant relative Miftah Ismail of the PML-N was a close second. Which proves that in the general election of 2018, Vawda won by massive rigging.

But if more proof is required, Vawda was found to have commited perjury by not declaring his US nationality at the time he contested. This should have been enough to disqualify him for life, yet the ECP has not done anything about it. There are many others of the ruling party whom the ECP has unduly favored. It was obvious from the start that the dice was heavily loaded against Nawaz Sharif who had grown very powerful and was defying the real rulers of the country.

I wonder if the ECP will take any action against the two PTI ministers for insulting the institution. I doubt it. The ministers will use their favorite excuse, "We were quoted out of context", or they will apologize and the matter will be forgotten. But the people have a right to wonder why there are such nincompoops in Imran Khan's government. But then Imran Khan himself is known for the many gaffes he's committed. So why should we be surprised?