Someone should check whether Imran Khan really studied at Oxford. Or whether he even passed Grade 10. The man is stupid beyond belief. Already the people have been trying hard to survive due to massive inflation. But ignoring the signs, Imran Khan has increased the prices of all petroleum products by five rupees a litre. It seems he's bent upon making himself very unpopular. Doesn't he realize that people are fed up with him, and one sign of this is his party's poor showing in the recent Cantonment Board elections?

When he was loudly proclaiming that every time petroleum prices are increased, the extra amount goes into Nawaz Sharif's pocket, people believed him. So the people won't be wrong if they believe that Imran Khan himself is as corrupt as Nawaz Sharif. In fact, considering that this government has taken more loans than both the previous regimes combined, it looks like Imran Khan is much more corrupt than both Nawaz and Zardari.

But I'm amazed that leaders of the opposition parties cannot get together and come out on the streets to protest, as they did in the final days of Ayub and Bhutto. Surely the high prices of edible items must be pinching them too. Right now they seem too preoccupied by the draconian steps the government intends to take to curb the social media, which Imran Khan believes is responsible for all his problems. This is a good time to come out and make Imran Khan realize that he is no longer wanted. But then, who will bell the cat?