I always knew that Covid would one day affect my family members. Since March 2020, I have seen it infecting some distant relatives. Last year my nephew was infected, but his wife, parents and children didn't get it. That was the earliest variant. Last month my brother and his wife and children got it. Right now, my sister and my son are both going through it. I tested negative, fortunately, but I don't see how I can escape being infected. Suppose one fine day my driver or someone in the office is infected without knowing it. I can't have my mask on all the time. So perhaps it's in my stars to get sick and even die of this disease.

I forgot to say that my wife also had Covid symptoms last year but strenuously objected to getting tested. She lost weight, was very sick for a whole week and suffered from hair loss. The diabetes specialist told her that she probably had been infected by the dreaded virus. And there is my manager who had to be admitted in a hospital run by my friend Haji Abdul Wahid Seth (formerly one of the owners of Abro Salt works). Wahid Seth is now bed-ridden, having fallen a few times and broken his arms. My manager was lucky to have survived, as practically all hospitals refused to treat him. It was only after I called Wahid Seth that his charity hospital took my manager in. Since my manager had already suffered a mild heart attack many years back, Covid gave him another one, and he had to have stents inserted (as I had to, in  2010).

As for myself, I haven't used the office elevator since March 2020, but occasionally I do use the elevator in my apartment complex. I also try as much as possible to stay away from crowds, perhaps that is why I've managed to escape being infected. But, as I said, it's going to be very difficult to go through the rest of my life without contracting this or any other serious disease.