Whenever I see a video of Imran Khan telling the nation how he would change the face of the country, I wonder what happened to make him change so much. There was the time when he said that he will cut down on government expenses, including the expenditure on defence and bureaucracy. Instead, he has only increased such expenses. He said that he would never allow the rupee to depreciate against the dollar, as every time the dollar appreciates by a rupee, the debt increases by 70 billion rupees. The dollar has increased in value against the rupee by a fabulous fifty percent, but this shameless man has forgotten what he said.

Remember him yelling on the container that every time the price of petrol goes up, the additional cost goes into the pocket of Nawaz Sharif? What about the massive increase in petroleum product prices during the past three years? 

A couple of days back he addressed the nation and claimed that people have grown very prosperous due to his policies. A TV channel asked a lot of common people about his claim, and everyone said that the sooner Imran Khan resigns, it will be better for the country. I doubt if Imran Khan knows how much people are suffering due to his policies. The rampant inflation has made life unbearable for the common man. Yet he and his cronies believe that everyone is happy. One day, when the masses spontaneously rise to demand his resignation, he will be vastly surprised.